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Been busy with school lately. Can't wait to graduate. Anyways, more posts coming soon.

Nov. 2nd, 2008

I should do the dishes.


(see what happens when Julie gets ahold of my laptop!)

I I I I Ikea..... and Stuff

So yesterday we made an Ikea run with our friend Mike, as he needed some things for his new apt. To begin, I have to say Julie was right. I originally had vastly underestimated how long we would need our zipcar for, but Julie was happy to correct me. Thanks Love - you rule as always. Anyways, Mike was a bit late getting to the car due to the bus he was on having "mechanical problems" and then we got to experience the joys of driving through/around Boston. After a few hours at Ikea, and an Ikea lunch, we returned to the city, returning the car just in time (after 2 extentions?). We picked up some random kitchen things, as well as some pots for me to use for plants around the apt. Quite happy about those.


Julie asked me to get rid of all these spare wheels that are just lying around. THEY ARE STILL HERE. WHOOPS.


They are showing the Wizard of Oz outside on Thursday. I cannot wait to go. You have no idea how much I love that movie.

omg an update lolz


Julie's B-Day and such...

So Julie's birthday was Friday. I picked her up from work (which surprised her) and gave her a sunflower since she likes them. Then we went to a nice Italian restaurant in East Boston called Rino's, and on the way there the folks on the MBTA bus sang happy birthday to her. It was AWESOME. She was probably the brightest shade of red I've ever seen her. After a wonderful meal we headed home, where more flowers, chocolates, MarioKart, strawberries, and pastries awaited her. I think she was pretty happy about it all.

Saturday we had bagels and then went to the pride parade. It was pretty funny when the guys handing out condoms to the spectators said "now only take what you need. Leave some for the other trick-or-treaters". Afterwards we walked around some with some friends of ours and then went home. We played a little Kart and then biked over to Harvard Square to look at the bookshop there. All in all a nice little weekend.

Today has been a lazy Sunday. I woke up early to goto the MIT Flea with my brother, but it was raining so I wussed out. Went back to bed for a couple hours and then grabbed some bagels from the place around the corner from us. Since then we've Karted a bit and generally just hung around the house.

Tomorrow I start my new job @ International Bicycle Center a couple block from our apt, and my friend Mark who goes to school with me will be staying with us Monday and Tuesday night while he attends a conference @ BC.

JULIE'S BIKING!!!!111 OMGLOL!!!!1111

So I finally finished Julie's bicycle on Thursday night and managed to get it ready for Critical Mass on Friday. Julie, her friend Kelly, and I rode somewhere between 15-18 miles, which I have to say impressed me as it was Julie's first ride. She did great and got a load of compliments on her bike. w00t!

In other news I leave tomorrow AM for Washington D.C. and my Bioethics conference. Should be fun.

Posting elsewhere...

I've been mostly posting @ my tumblr - http://sqpeg.tumblr.com

Big car accident @ packards corner. Julie had a bit of trouble getting to work as the T was out of commission due to a car being pushed onto the tracks.

I am waiting for the DHL and FedEx delivery guys. Then lots of errands to do.

Hurt my wrist last weekend @ Grand Theft Velo II. Grr @ flesh pylons.

More coming later this weekend or something when I can type easier.

Weekend Shenanigans

Another list since I don't feel like being wordy.

1) Planted some new Basil. I hope it grows up to be big and delicious. The first picture was taken on Sat. and the other was taken today. LOOK AT HOW THEY GROW! W00T!

Planted / Day 3 / Day 4

2) I finally got around to taking the mount point off my Evo-Mini U-Lock. Pictures of that procedure below. Thanks to the interwebs for reminding me to do this. I taped the spot where the mounting point used to be so that it's flush with the rubber coating on the rest of the lock.

Tools / Removal

Tape / Cut


3) I rode my bike to the grocery store today to get a few things here and there while Julie made home made pizza! (She takes such good care of me). The New England weather is f'n weird sometimes. This morning it rained a little, but then the sun came out and at was looking to be a beautiful day. I ride to the shop, get the foods, and as I am checking out, it begins to rain/sleet/snow. WTF. So I biked back in a snow flurry with giant flakes hitting my eyes making it hard to see.

And of course... it stops the second I'm inside my apt.

But now I'm chilling with the lady and listening to Electric Six.

This video makes me laugh.